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Martedì, 13 Gennaio 2015 02:00

Power in Coop!

Cooperation, community, local food! We invite you to see a short documentary film, created by Polish Green Network, showing why and how consumers can support sustainable agriculture. One of the main goals of the ClimATE Change project activities is raising awareness on the role of sustainable agriculture in addressing the climate change challenges in the context of food production and natural resources protection. We also try to show how consumers can support people- and climate-friendly agriculture through cooperation with farmers and building alternative food systems based on local food production and distribution, such as food cooperatives and various community supported agriculture initiatives. In our film, titled "Power in Coop", people engaged in the food cooperatives movement and representatives of non-governmental organisations working for sustainable agriculture in Poland explain why consumers should try to buy local food and how they can cooperate with farmers. The interviews were filmed during the Open…
Venerdì, 19 Dicembre 2014 02:00

Training seminar in Poland

On the 27-28th November 2014, Polish Green Network, in the framework of the ClimATE Change project, held a training seminar in Warsaw titled "Climate for farmers - Cooperation to the benefit of farmers and climate". The seminar was organized in partnership with Transformation Foundation and Polish Ecological Club. Its main goal was raising theoretical and practical knowledge of the participants on the issues of sustainable agriculture and the ways of supporting, both locally and globally, this model of food production as it is most climate-, environment- and people-friendly. Among the seminar participants were farmers, consumers, food producers and distributors as well as representatives of organizations working for the development of sustainable agriculture and responsible consumption in Poland. One of the presenters was Łukasz Nowacki from Transformation Foundation, who gave lecture about the natural methods of increasing productivity of agriculture and reducing its negative impact on the environment, which can be…
Presentation delivered by Malcolm Borg from the MCAST Agribusiness Institute during the Dialogue-oriented Workshop held in Malta on the 20th of May 2014, as part of the ClimATE Change project. To download it, click on the link on your left. ordinazione cialis generico farmacia online, Salerno
Giovedì, 24 Luglio 2014 00:00

Sustainable Development in Ethiopia

Presentation delivered by William Grech, Executive Director of KOPIN Malta, during the ClimATE Change Dialogue-oriented Workshop held in Valletta on the 19th of May 2014. You can download it simply by clicking on the link on the left. viagra levitra prezzo acquistare on line, Piacenza