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In the framework of the ClimATE Change project Polish Green Network organized in 2014 three open public events in Wroclaw, Krakow and Warsaw. The events were prepared in cooperation with various local partners and their aim was to disseminate the knowledge about the project themes among the wider public in Poland. We wanted to show the participants how they can support sustainable agriculture which protects climate and natural resources both locally and globally.


The event in Wroclaw was titled "Community Supported Agriculture Day" and was co-organized with the PGN member organization, Fundacja EkoRozowju (Foundation for Sustainable Development). It was held on the 24th May 2014 during the ecological fair "EkoJarmark". This ecological fair, organized by Fundacja EkoRozwoju already for more than 12 years, is one of the biggest annual events in Poland that promotes organic and local products as well as sustainable agriculture.

Our whole day event consisted of workshops, presentations, local food tasting and a discussion meeting. The participants had an opportunity to take part in practical workshops in urban gardening as well as presentations about food production by local farmers. The discussion meeting "Local food - cooperation between farmers and consumers" was directed at everyone interested in learning more about urban consumer movements such as food cooperatives and community supported agriculture initiatives. The last point of the event was screening of the film "Au coeur de la proximité" about the community supported agriculture examples in Switzerland.


Our second event was organized in Krakow in cooperation with Wawel Food Cooperative. It was held on the 8th June 2014 and titled "Open Cooperation Picnic". The event was organized as a second day of the III Open Congress of Cooperatives and was aimed at everyone interested in local food, cooperative initiatives, sharing economy, local integration and civil activism.

Our event's motto was "Power in Coop" and it consisted of various workshops, presentations, lectures and discussions. On the so-called "Stage of Good Ideas" numerous organizations, groups, movements and individuals presented different ways in which people can support sustainable agriculture and cooperate to create better world both locally and globally. Among the workshops held by different organizations and groups especially popular were those about permaculture gardening and building hives for wild pollinators. Throughout the day there was also a local food fair where participants could buy products from local farmers.


Our last event was held on the 30th August 2014 in Warsaw. It was organized in cooperation with Food Cooperative "Dobrze" and Institute for Global Responsibility. The event was titled "(Not only) NUTRITIONAL VALUES. Food cooperatives or supermarkets? Your choice matters!" and was combined with the official opening of the first grocery store in Poland managed by a food cooperative.

Our event lasted the whole day and had an educational character. Among the themes of numerous workshops, lectures and presentations were: urban gardening for adults and children, healthy agriculture, tragedy of commons, food cooperatives. In the afternoon there was a stage of ideas titled "Food-Cooperation-Environment", where various organizations presented such issues as climate change and agriculture, global struggle for food sovereignty, community supported agriculture movement. The event finished with the panel discussion about sustainable food production and consumption and a common dinner.

To view photos from our events click here (Krakow) and here (Warsaw).

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