Free Course for farmers on Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture in Malta and Gozo

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In 5 sessions between March and May 2015, Kopin organised a training course for professional and amateur farmers on climate change and sustainable agriculture. The sessions, which took place in Malta and Gozo, focused on challenges for farmers that are linked to climate change, i.e. water management, soil nutrients, pests and diseases. The trainings were organised as part of the EU co-funded project ClimATE Change and were implemented with the precious help of Koperattiva Rurali Manikata, a farmers’ cooperative based in the North Western part of Malta.

Participants found the sessions really interesting and useful for their everyday work. Moreover, they were glad to have the opportunity to discuss everyday problems and possible solutions with experts in the field and evaluate which were the best for them to face climate-related problems. They were also really happy to have the opportunity to network with other farmers and discuss the promotion of sustainable agriculture with other professionals in the field.

The success of the course in Malta encouraged Kopin to organise a session in Gozo, which took place on 15th May in the Government Experimental Farm Hall in Xewkija. All the participants were satisfied with the lecture, and asked for a similar event to take place again in the future.

Kopin would like to thank Koperattiva Rurali Manikata for the great help provided, but also Dr. Antoine Vella, expert in pests and diseases, Mr. Daniel Grech, lecturer at the MCAST Agribusiness Institute, who specialises in water management, and Mr. Dione Caruana, a renowned horticulturist for their interest in the project and their inspiring lectures.

Kopin hopes to have the same success with the activities which will take place during the two big events in the month of June: EarthGarden and L-Imnarja Festival, during which there will be activities and workshops to raise awareness on the effects of climate change and actions which can be implemented by everyone to face this global challenge.

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