Workshops on Climate Change and Agriculture in Malta

Jul 23, 2014 Posted by:  

Did you know that 13 of Malta’s 15 aquifers are too polluted to be used? How is the EU funding sustainable agriculture? How easy is it for our farmers to go organic? How does permaculture preserve soil and water? Which technologies can be exploited to better manage natural resources? How is Malta planning to adapt to scenarios of increased drought? 

These are some of the questions that were addressed on 19 and 20 May 2014 during the workshops KOPIN organised in the framework of the project ClimATE Change.

The workshops entitled “Climate change and agriculture in Malta: Adapting through the sustainable use of resources” brought together stakeholders from government, private, academic and non-governmental sectors. 

The first workshop was aimed at professionals of the farming sector and tackled issues such as water scarcity, the EU’s rural development plan and the shift to organic farming. The second workshop targeted students and their institutions. Here speakers addressed themes such as permaculture approaches, adaptation strategies, innovative technology and research on the perception of local farmers with regard to climate change. 

KOPIN also presented research carried out by the organisation itself and its international partners in Ethiopia and Nicaragua.

The workshops, facilitated by environmental expert and activist Eric Van Monckhoven, were well attended and gave rise to lively debates. 

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