Malta: Second Consortium Meeting

May 18, 2014 Posted by:  

On 7 and 8 April 2014 the partners of the ClimATE Change project focusing on climate change and agriculture met in Valletta to discuss the results of the project’s first year. The partners from Italy, Malta, Germany and Poland examined administrative, financial and technical aspects of the project. Different themes were discussed, such as challenges to the agricultural systems in the different areas of intervention, water issues, the educational aspect of sustainable agriculture, the workshops and presentations that were organised in the different countries and the research papers that were written.

During the meeting the partners also talked about the promotion of the logo contest and the web activity related to They also discussed the new blog to be incorporated into the website. A list of the activities for the second year of the project was also put forward, focusing on local events in each partner country and training courses for NGOs and farmers. Other items on the agenda were the international meeting in Poland, film contests in Italy and Germany and specific graphic elements.

To better understand the local agricultural situation in Malta, specifically the alternative ways of farming and good practices to preserve resources, the partners visited the Permaculture Research Foundation in the village of Bahrija, where they were introduced to a series of permaculture initiatives and concepts carried out by this 10-year-old project, e.g. organic farming, soil and water conservation, rainwater preservation through aquaponics, composting and compost toilets, and the holistic approach embodied by permaculture.

At the end of the meeting the participants expressed their satisfaction and thanked KOPIN as the organiser of this meeting for coordinating such a fruitful exchange of ideas and proposals. It was decided that the next international meeting would take place in Poland between October and November 2014.


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