"Research, evidence and policy learning for global education"

Lunedì, 10 Luglio 2017 Scritto da 

From 10th to 11th May was organised the conference “Research, evidence and policy learning for global education” by the Development Education Research Centre within the UCL Institute of Education (IOE), and the Global Education Network Europe (GENE). The conference was also supported by the Erasmus+ Project Schools for Future Youth. The overall aim of the conference was to demonstrate the contribution of evidence based research to policy development on global education.

The specific objectives of the conference were: 1) share research from models of practice that demonstrate innovative approaches to global education; 2) promote current research on global education and how it can be of value to policy makers; 3) identify key themes and issues that policy-makers see as key to the development of global education; 4) to officially launch the Academic Network for Global Education and Learning.

The conference was aimed at academics and researchers engaged with global education across Europe and beyond and policy-makers responsible for funding or supporting global education programmes.

Source: GlobalSchools.education